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What Our Parents Say!

Thank you for all your hard work this season. I know Jonathon has enjoyed playing for you. He is a better player because of you. The Academy is well run and perfect for the development of future Stars. I really appreciate your dedication and support of our team. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Wiley Haab

My son's physical and mental approach to baseball has changed dramatically, thanks to the training and mentoring provided by the Georgia Stars Organization. 

Sean Triplet

 I just want to express my sincere appreciation for everything you and your coaches did for Joe  while playing for your 2014 Summer 17U team. After limited playing time in high school we will always be thankful for the opportunity you gave him to play for the Georgia Stars. Your outstanding hitting and baseball instruction allowed him  to achieve his maximum potential.


 His batting average of 321 and his outstanding pitching can be directly attributed to your belief in him as a player. The fact that this was his first year playing travel ball only confirms your ability to coach and develop players who are  dedicated and want to work hard. During a recent perfect game top prospect showcase Joe was rated top 20 for

 infield velocity and struck out 5 out of 6 batters in two innings of work. We have been invited and attended college showcases as a direct result from playing for the Georgia Stars.


Finally, I just want to thank you for believing in and developing Joe's character. I deeply respect your requirement that all of your players must have a 3.0 average to be a member of the Georgia Stars. Playing baseball for your team gives Joe extra incentive to perform in the classroom. His recent academic success is directly due to your leadership and requirement that all of your players must perform academically. His current 3.7 GPA in addition to his baseball  ability has given him the opportunity to play college baseball, Thank you again for everything you have done for my son and most of all thank you for believing in him.

Danny Reichard


I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done to help Nick to where he is today.  You are an incredible coach.  The difference we saw in Nick with his hitting in such a short period of time says it all.  I wish I would have known about you sooner.  I'm thankful to Liz and David and GOD for leading us to you. 

Thank you for believing in Nick and giving him confidence when he felt he would never get to play at the next level.  I know you and Nick bumped heads a few times but always ending up with a big hug in the end. He loves you!  I know he will be forever grateful for all the good qualities you instilled in him from on the field and in the classroom.  He has brought those traits to him at the University of West Georgia where he will continue his next step on the journey through life.  He got a little nervous when he left for college, second guessing himself if he was really that good, and can he really play at the next level?  I told him to get those stupid thoughts out of your head and believe you are great  and you really can do this.  I told him he really is a great ball player and has a lot of potential to contribute to his team.  I told him if you don't get out of this mindset I'm calling coach waters and he will put you back in the right mindset!  He chuckled.  I told him don't make me call him.  He chuckled again.

  I will forever be grateful to you and coach Trent for believing in Nick and having such an impact in his life.  I will be bringing Nick's Little brother Daniel to you for his hitting so he can develop good hitting habits early from the BEST coach I know.  Thank you again for all you do.  It takes a special coach who cares to make an everlasting impression on a young man's life.  And you have done that and much more for Nick and his family.


Stacy Mollica

My son has improved mechanics, better baseball fundamentals and more knowledge of the game under the quality coaching provided by the Georgia Stars. The coaches also place a great deal of importance on preparing the players for success in sports, education and life. Not only has my son's game improved but he has worked hard and enjoyed being part of this team.

Leslie Capps

We have three sons playing for the Georgia Stars 9u.13u and 16u this year. At every level we love the disciplined approach to teaching young men the keys to success in baseball and in life.  It is exciting to see how the Georgia Stars program is one of the best programs in Georgia!

The Murphy Family

Playing for the GA STARS ACADEMY has helped my son tremendously!  I like the diversity, the way they teach discipline, and they expect perfection.  My son has gone from playing JV to Varsity with his high school team in less than 2 months after joining this program.

Mario Hogan


The Georgia Stars is a wonderful organization.  My son has commented on how he has learned so much more about the game of baseball since joining the GA Stars program.  The coaches he has worked with are great teachers at what the boys are working on during drills so that when a game time situation happens, the player is ready.  My son enjoyed working with Coach Conley for pitching exercises, and with Coach Waters for hitting drills.  Both coaches do a great job of getting you game time ready.

I like that the program is affordable and that I can make payments.  I feel that we get what we pay for in the amount of field time and batting time.   During the season you really see how far each child has developed with their baseball skills.

Kathy Galbreath

Michael's batting skills accelerated due to the excellent guidance of Coach Waters.  

He taught Michael important batting fundamentals that gave Michael the ability to become an aggressive and successful hitter.  The GA Stars organization taught Michael the importance of taking pride in hard work both on and off the field.  The GA Stars organization expects players to maintain high standards in the classroom and on the ball field.  Coach Waters and his assistant coaches care about each player and how they conduct themselves in a game and in life.  This was certainly true of how they worked with our son, Michael!

Dana Frohwein

I would really like to take a moment to thank Coach Waters  and the GA Stars organization for helping my son Braxton advance his baseball skills and helping him to aspire to reach the next level. Shouts out to the GA Stars and thanks for all you do.

Desiree Hogan